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Price: $419.95



The people you see in this video are trained professionals. Please do not sit or stand on the vehicle while it is on the jack.


The J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift boasts a small footprint (37” by 24”) with the capability of lifting 2000 lbs., without tie-downs or straps. Your motorcycle is rock solid while on the lift, even at the maximum height of 18.5”. Easily maneuver your bike over ground imperfections such as cracks and bumps while it's on the lift without worry.


While on the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift, move your bike with ease from one side of your garage, to the other. And cleaning your motorcycle is a snap. When using our stand, it glides along your bike unobstructed, giving you access to every nook and cranny while it's on the motorcycle lift.

Is your motorcycle taking up too much space in the garage? Store it on the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift to save two feet of floor space.


Looking for a trusted Harley motorcycle lift? J&S Jacks are compatible with many models including all Harley-Davidson bikes and most other motorcycle models as long as it can rest on the lift tables of the jack without obstruction. For a complete compatibility list, please click here.


We warranty our products against defects in workmanship on every piece and part for the lifetime of the product. Because we don't manufacture the bottle jack, it is under warranty for two years after purchase. If you would like a replacement, you may purchase one directly from us, call 1-866-884-5586.

Improper use of the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift voids this warranty. J&S Jacks is not responsible for damages incurred if the instructions for use are not followed.

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No Brianer!!
This Jack is EVERYTHING it is claimed to be!! The Jack lifts my '06 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe with ease! It is a solid and quality built jack. My garage floor is nowhere near as smooth as the one in the video. As a matter of fact, it has deep pits and large cracks in it and the Jack rolls over it with ease!! I push, pull and spin the bike on the jack very easily with no fear of it falling off!! I wasn't sure about buying the jack but am VERY HAPPY that I did!! I've only had it 4 days and in my opinion it's already paid for itself!! Buy the jack and you will be happy that you did!!
Don't hesitate
I hesitated for years watching the demo of this lift at rally after rally but never pulled the trigger on the purchase. Instead I continued to hunch over and manipulate my body to get work done on the bike. Finally I said I'm done screwing around trying to be a gymnast just to change fluids and made the buy and couldn't be happier. The price point isn't cheap- it's not a cheap lift.. as in build quality. Very sturdy and stable, no sagging , no awkward bending, nothing to make you nuts jump in your throat watching $20k+ rise with your foot, likewise on the lowering. Took bags and panels on & off, scrubbed her down aggressively with no wobbly issues. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Remember that. J&S customer service was great along with ship time. I received it less than a week and it's spring. Well done J&S.
Kenny M.
If I'm serious enough to invest in a $35,000 bike, why on earth would I go with anything less than my J&S Jack for it? The other guys seem okay, but looking at em I had doubt. I got no doubt now. I use my Jack weekly. Not just for servicing my Harley dresser, but every time I wash and buff her. So much easier on my old back. Elevated, the hard to reach parts and underbelly get attention too. If you're thinking that it's expensive, you're looking at it all wrong. Look harder and pony up. Have zero doubt.
Received my Jack today and took only 10 minutes to assemble. It works great, better than expected. I will be letting everyone know about the great jack, and exceptional customer service.
Review 11/8/2015 by Donnie
I wouldn't have my ride on nothing but a j&s jack because I know its not going to fall off..I really do put all my trust into this jack!!
Review 11/8/2015 by Donnie
I wouldn't have my ride on nothing but a j&s jack because I know its not going to fall off..I really do put all my trust into this jack!!
Review 11/8/2015 by Donnie
I wouldn't have my ride on nothing but a j&s jack because I know its not going to fall off..I really do put all my trust into this jack!!
Review 11/7/2015 by Daryl
It's a great lift use it often,but the bottle jack leaks oil and I will have to replace it
Review 11/7/2015 by Mike
Love my J+S Jack, best Christmas present Ive gotten in the past 8 years. No problems no issues, my Ultra is safe no matter how high I lift it and what I do while its on it. It should be optional equipment when you buy a Harley bagger, like adding chrome, you want a J+S with that too?
Review 11/6/2015 by Nelson
Very well made. So stable you can run the bike with it on the jack. Well worth the money.
Review 11/6/2015 by P.J.
I did lots of research. Yes you can go out and buy a cheap one, but why? Did you go out and buy a cheap bike??
Stability is key here. This jack holds my softail stable so I can wheel it where ever I need it in my garage.
It turned out to be the best investment for my pride and joy!
Review 11/5/2015 by Dennis
Use another jack and worry about my mistress falling? Safe Secure and perfect height, I got it all.
Review 11/5/2015 by Larry
Just got my J & S jack. Just love it. Love the high quality, extremely impressed with it. After showing to my neighbor we had to make another trip so he could get one.
Review 11/4/2015 by Adam
I absolutely love my J&S. This is this ideal Jack for my application. I have a one car garage, and being able to lift the bike and spin it into place effortlessly against the front wall without fear of the bike falling is worth every penny paid! Truly the best most functional and stable motorcycle jack on the market! Great job!
Review 11/4/2015 by Kevin
Made in the USA and rock solid without any straps. I use it on Harleys, a Yamaha dual sport and my ATV. I wouldn't put my toys on anything else. Mine gets used quite often for washing the bike.
Review 11/4/2015 by Jay
Love my J&S . Use it for fitments, you or the lady can sit on the bike during accessories install so you can get it right the first time. Love to put it up for a wash and detail, then it is happy to keep the bike up off the floor all winter without worry of it tipping off, all picked up right off the kickstand and no straps.
Review 11/4/2015 by Craig
I gotta admit....I was one of the guys who thought my old lift was "good enough"....finally gave thing I've bought for my bike!...had both wheels off my Street Glide and used no straps....solid as a showing it off to my buddies. it!
Review 11/4/2015 by Roy
Jack? More like a portable raised floor. Rock solid. Been a huge fan since the day I picked up my bike for the first time.
Review 10/15/2015 by Michael
The absolute best tool a Harley owner can have in their garage!! I've used it for maintenance, repair and cleaning on my 2011 FLHTK and it has never failed to be 100% reliable!! It's not just the reliability factor, my scooter is in the 900lb range so my safety while working on it is well worth the price tag of this jack!!
Review 3/29/2015 by John
Got it very quick used it today to install mufflers what an awesome Jack best lift on the it!!!!!!!!
Review 2/9/2015 by John
Bought it at the MPLS Motorcycle show after watching the guys demonstrate it. WOW this bike lift is amazing, lifts my 13 RG perfectly and my 04 Deuce. I was going to buy a table lift but now I can take my tires off also and have plenty of room to drain the fluids. Also very easy to push around my garage and after the first time I pushed it around I am very comfortable that it will not fall down. I want another one!
Review 1/11/2015 by Jonathan
Awesome lift. Took an extra 2 days cause the hydraulic pump was on back order but was to me asap. Simple as hell to put together. Also the frame is sturdy. It does not feel like cheap metal. It's damn near 90 lbs but simple to move on the floor with the wheels. If you love your motorcycle invest in this lift.
Review 1/10/2015 by Patrick
Great ordering experience. High quality craftsmanship. Works flawlessly, very solid & stabile for my 2014 Ultra Limited! Worth every penny!
Review 7/30/2014 by Shawn
It's what my 08 Night Rod Special sits on when I work on it. Excellent jack!
Review 3/30/2014 by Chris
Like they say.THE BEST JACK! very well made & heavy duty. Now working on my m109r is easy, take a bite out of that! Awesome people to deal with, packaged good, shipped fast , great service.THANKS TANNER!
Review 3/23/2014 by Donnie
Wife bought me one for Xmas about impossible for bike to fall off even sitting on it video on net so true .. No more worries about my o6 ultra classic falling jack out there little pricey but worth every penny!!built with quality and pride in the USA!!
Review 1/24/2014 by Edward
So far I'm VERY impressed with J&S Jacks. Not only did they hook me up with the Veteran's discount that they offer AFTER the order had been placed, but it has been less than 48 hours since I ordered my motorcycle lift and it's already here. OUTSTANDING!
Review 1/24/2014 by John
Ordered on a Sunday night late....Arrived two days later,really packed well,took 5 minutes to put together..And without a doubt...the best lift for sale on the market today. Holds my 2005 Ultra Classic,and now I have an extra four feet of floor room in the garage,as the dresser is now against the wall.
Ordered Tuesday late, received on Friday early to Texas. Excellent lift. Had to screw down the leveling screws to keep it from rolling out of my garage from it's own weight. Was going to buy one next summer, but a flat tire changed my mind. You cannot go wrong with this lift.
Ordered the J&S lift about two weeks ago put it together in about 20 mins. Put it under my Street Glide I couldn't believe how easy it lifted it. There is alot of things on my bike I could never see till I put on the lift. Had a hard time cleaning & polishing my wheels rolling it around on the floor now it's a piece of cake. (J&S LIFTS ARE THE BEST THE HELL WITH THE REST)
Thanks Steve
Outstanding product, packing, shipping, and customer service. Highly recommend to all. Jack makes any work on any bike, including the heaviest, absolutely effortless. The online video convinced me to buy and glad I did! Worth every penny!
I have two comments. One is this a great product that works EXACTLY as advertised. Very well made and sturdy. On mine after less than a year the bottle jack went bad. I called J&S and they were excellent. after determining that the jack was defective they immediately shipped me another one at one charge and it arrived in less than 3 days. A company that stands behind what they sell!! I highly recommend this product
the best bike jack ever.have a 2012 cross country tour it picks
the bike up with eezzzz.i highly recommend this puppy.GREAT!!!
got the jack real fast. works like a charm. much more stable then other one I have. my sportster fits on the jack just fine. thanks so much for a great product.
I received my J&S jack yesterday. Easily put together in just minutes the jack worked "as advertised" easily lifting my '09 Ultra Classic to a perfect detailing and maintenance height. Love everything about my jack including the T-Bar which I'm glad I bought.
Just bought a J&S jack for my Softail Deluxe. I've had several others and the only way to describe this jack is UNBELIEVABLE The customer service is only exceeded by the jack itself. Ordered on Monday and received it on Thursday. Twenty minutes to assemble and my Deluxe was up on the lift. This jack has to be by far the best on the market. Finally, the bike is completely stable on the lift that I don't have to be afraid of it falling off the jack. While on the jack, I've pushed it, pulled it, and jumped on it and it won't budge at all. NO TIE DOWNS NEEDED, It's really that secure. The way this jack is built, It's a bargain at the price they ask. If you're looking for the best, do yourself a favor and skip all the others and go directly to J&S. You won't be disappointed and you'll actually save money by buying the J&S jack first instead of wasting your money on the others like I did.
I just used my J&S jack last night to change the oil in all three holes on my Harley, and the oil pan adapter I puchased along with the jack worked perfect. I was able to drain all three locations on my Super Glide into a single oil drain pan. I have had my jack for several years, and the stability it provides and resulting peace of mind are priceless. I wish everyone would spend the few extra dollars and get a J&S jack, it is well worth it. Your only one "barking" competitor also makes a good jack, but if you ask around and do research (as I did), many more people like the J&S jack better. Plus I have mine and can now attest to the engineering and build quality of your jack. Harley-Davidson motorcycles and J&S jacks... God bless the U.S.A., truly why we are the best country, period!
This motorcycle jack is the best thing around I had my 1800 goldwing on it to change tires and other maintenance bike was super study.Also did a 1500 goldwing tires and brakes and we had to do a lot of pulling and tugging on things and the motorcycle jack worked great. Thanks J&S motorcycle jacks for a great product
Just wanted to say thanks for making an outstanding motorcycle lift.It handles my Ultra Classic easily.

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a well made and thought out product. I was in the market for a new jack and had really been considering your competitor. I researched a few other jacks and saw a mention of your company in the Harley Davidson forums. I finally bit the Bullet and ordered only to be floored by the speedy delivery and quality of the product. I have used it on both of my Harleys. The stability going up and locked at working height is incredible, I don't have to bother neighbors any more to steady the bike going up or down. Just my 2 cents to say Thank you again for a great product.
Hi Guys got my bike lift the other day. What fast service and was better than I thought it would be, great product and service , Thanks!!! And thanks for supporting VETS.

Smitty Vietnam Vet.
Great Jack.. i'm from Canada, had to have my jack shipped to USA and drove across border. J&S beats those low cost unstable crap out there.. best part.. Made in USA. i would suggest the oil pan adapter though.. than u J&S.
Thanks it arrived in great shape. Going to love using it. Was exactly what I wanted and needed. Again thank you for the quick service and product so well built

Forever Grateful
Cecil grow
I just wanted to thank everyone at J&S, I don't know whats better the service or the Lift, I ordered yesterday and my motorcycle is on it today. thanks for your great service and products
Delivered fast!! got it, loved it! the neighbors came by and watched the whole demonstration! all said i did really good with this birthday gift! jealous! he is so happy had the bike up and went through all the motions with everyone's mouths on the ground! no one could believe the stability and craftsmanship! held 2010 streetglide and rider and no fear of dropping! thank you so much for all your help! worth every penny
Thanks guys for the super fast delivery of what has to be the best lift on the market. Talk about a must have, I can now easily roll my ultra in front of the car and now everything fits in the garage, no more leaving the truck outside. Great time to buy with the special on the the T handle and oil pan - get them cuz you're gonna use it. I will have this lift for life cuz I'm riding till the day I kick the bucket!!
Meant to buy this four years ago, but only got it this past winter. Just used it and already saved money on DIY work! Don't wait four years! Get one NOW!!
Just wanted to says thanks for a great product. Assembly was easy and fast. I slid the lift under my Harley and then moved my bike all over the garage with out any problems. No need for tie downs. Excellent quality. No more made in China $99.95 lifts for me. American made quality and worth every penny.
Got my lift delivered yesterday! Easy to put together, my bike is sitting on it as we speak. Very happy with the quality and workmanship. What a great product, wish I would have had it years ago.
This is without a doubt the highest quality jack out there, i had my 06 goldwing on it and changed tires and brakes i couldnt believe that the bike was so stable without any straps. if your going to buy a heavy expensive bike dont skimp on the jack the J&S is well worth the money. THANKS J&S
Well I received the jack today. If anyone is looking to purchase a jack, spend the money and purchase the J & S Jack!!!!!!!! The craftsmanship, quality of material and finish, welds screams quality, integrity, pride and MADE IN THE USA. On the website it looks like the USA on the front rail is a decal. ITs actually about a 1/8 plate! On the other rail, J & S places another plate with serial number of the jack proudly displayed. I also purchased the T bar option. If you do but the jack definitely get this option. I didn't purchase the Oil Pan Adapter for the simple reason I will have the dealership service my bike until it is broken in. I will probably by the adapter once I start doing my own oil changes.
The Jack is SOLID AS A ROCK. The VV doesn't move or shimmy when it is elevated. Kudos to J & S for an outstanding product!!! Oh by the way...I paid full price and this is an unsolicited review.
I bought a jack from you guys quite a few years ago, and I can't tell you how happy I am with it, I wouldn't trust my bike on anything else.
Just wanted to let you know I bought your motorcycle lift for my Street Glide and love it, very stable and can roll it around the pole barn and push it out of the way for storage. Just ordered another for my wife's Soft Tail for winter storage. Great folks to deal with and an excellent "made in America" product!
I can't say enough good about this lift. My friends thought i was crazy when I got up on the bike.
This is a fantastic product and money very well spent! I'm using it to move my 2013 Ultra Limited around my tiny one car garage and it just wouldn't be possible without the J&S motorcycle lift. THANKS!
Got my jack on Friday 3-29-13, so happy couldn't wait to open box. everything was pack very well, easy to put together. Works like expected very good quality. Don't wast your money on a cheap jack. You get what pay for. Tom. Wappingers Falls, New York
I've used this lift for over 5years,on my 99 Dresser and on my 09 dresser and now on my 2010 streetglide.Best lift I,ve ever used and also the oil pan adapter is great.
This lift is the best tool I have ever bought stable, moves around garage like there is no bike on it . My 2003 FLHT has never been so clean saved a lot of money doimg my own rear tire
I've had this lift for a year now and use it for everything from maintenance and repair of my 2006 Road King to washing and storage of the bike. The lift is totally stable at any height and easy to maneuver in the garage with the bike on it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality lift.
If you're looking for a rock solid lift by a company who stands behind its products, look no further. I owned a competing lift for about 3 hours before I returned it for a refund (it was junk) and ordered a J&S lift. The J&S lift is strong and beefy and fit and finish are excellent. The good people at J&S are a pleasure to work with and they stand behind their products. I contacted them about a minor problem and they insisted on rushing a replacement part to me (I didn't even have to ask). You get what you pay for and the J&S lift is worth every penny. Buy the best and you won't be disappointed. Phil R.
Thank you for an outstanding product. I have reseached lifts for a long time and almost settled on a cheap one. After seeing bad reviews on all the cheap lifts I decided my bike and my life was worth spending the extra bucks. Your product is well worth the money. Thank you again for making a quality American product. Richard J. from NC.
Recieved my lift on 3/7/13 and put it together in just a few minutes, the setup was quick and easy. Slid it under my 2012 SuperGlide and raised it up and it was as stable as could be. One of my neighbors said I should have some straps on it but I took hold of it and tryed to shake it and it didn't move a bit. He was really impressed with it and I gave him your web adress and he might be interested in a lift for his Harley Trike. Thank you J&S its a pleasure doing business with you and God bless ya'll for the Vet discount to.
Got my jack yesterday. What an outstanding piece of equipment. I was concerned with the possibility of the bike being unstable due to it being a chopper but much to my pleasant surprise it is not. My bike is pretty low to the ground, so I do need to park it on a couple pieces of lumber to get the jack under it but such is life. The drain pan attachment should be delivered today.
Thanks for a great jack!
I received my jack yesterday and tried it out last night, I took pictures and posted on my Facebook page , I am sure you will be receiving more orders shortly, thanks for an American made product!
I received my jack and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality product that J&S produces. I've had numerous jacks from the $99.00 Harbor Freight jack to one called the big blue, that was very expensive and there is no comparison in the quality. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Again!
I wanted to let you know I purchased 2 lifts last week from Duluth HD, 1 for me and 1 for a friend. My friends words about your lift was "Awesome" he has an 07 Dyna Lowrider. He loves it. I have a 2005 Roadking. As mechanic I love it. I set up both lifts with ease. I did rear brakes on my glide and your lift made it easy to work on and I felt safe working on it. Your lifts are made with Quality. I really see this out lasting me and my needs. I know there are less expensive lifts out there, but none as reliable and sturdy as JS Lifts. I will defiantly be spreading your name around the riding world.

Thanks again for your time and building a Great American Made Product.
Ron Kalenberg
I wanted to follow up with some feedback on my experience and the product. I received the shipment Friday as promised and assembled it alone in under 20 minutes. Outstanding product, simple to assemble, reasonably priced and back by excellent service! What more could a customer ask for? I'm going to try to sell a few more of these lifts to my friends. Simply the best product out there for the money. Thanks again for the great service! Take care
I received my jack this past Wednesday and put it together immediately in a few minutes.
Slid it under the bike and lifted it up.... as advertised!!!! Rock solid.

I love my new J & S Jack!!! It cut my cleaning time nearly in half yesterday.

Also, I spoke to Steve twice on the phone. What a great guy that has obvious pride in his product. Thanks Steve for a great jack that is worth every penny spent. You guys Rock!!
Got my Big wheel Motorcycle lift, in today received it in three days of shipped date.Was package very well and it goes together very easy. It's everything i expected, very well professionally made. Great product and great people to deal with by internet and phone.
Thanks, to all at J&S Jacks.
Unbelievable! Best lift ive ever owned. Totally stable and perfect height for those quick oil changes and repairs! Thank you!
Hi guys! It's Frank Silvia in Westport Ma. again. Well this makes jack #3 purchased from you people over the last few years. Seems every time I sell a bike the new owner must have the jack. That should say something for your product. Just want to check in to see if my new jack has been shipped yet. Ordered it Feb. 17. Got to use to working on a bike that's nice and high off the ground instead of lying on the ground. Hope to see it soon. Keep making a great product cause I plan to ride for a few more years and the jacks are a must have item and it seems a great selling option with the sale. Thanks again. Frank
I got my jack on Wed Feb 16, I assembled it in 30 minutes. AWESOME, just as advertised, lifted my bike turned it around in the garage so I did not have to back it out on Saturday morning. This is a great tool.
Why I bought a cheap one from that cheap store I will never know. Steve, I talked to you at the Chicago show on Sunday afternoon and my jack was at my door Wednesday morning. Fast shipping, excellent product, good people. I couldn't be happier!
Bought one of your jacks several years ago, as soon as the bike hits the garage it goes on the lift. Yesterday our temp in Ohio hit the mid 50's, the bike came off the lift and down the road I went. Little did I know that one of the frame spacers was stuck to the frame. I returned home and started to put the bike on the lift. Oh no! Called J & S, told them I needed a frame spacer. They are shipping it next business day at no charge. Are you sh*%ing me! Awesome lift, awesome customer service! Made in the USA! What more could you ask for. Thanks
Great product.!!! This is my first Harley Davidson Motorcycle I owned and I refused to use a cheap jack with it. Friends told me the jack from Sears would be fine, however after seeing how unsteady and cheap this thing was, I went looking for the best jack I could find. After lots of comparing and researching, I found J&S Jacks and couldn't be happier. Not only did I get a very sturdy and well built jack, but it came with a very reasonable price. Thanks J&S Jacks..!!!
This Jack is awesome. Bought it for myself as a Christmas gift. I had been using a cheap jack and was never very comfortable raising my '08 Street Glide or my wife's '09 Deluxe for much of anything. The J&S Big Wheel Jack is TOTALLY secure. I climbed all over my bike just like they do in the videos and can tell you I am totally impressed. Did my 20,000 mile service with the neat drain pan and pulled the front wheel off to replace rotors and this thing is rock solid. Wish I had bought this thing sooner now. If you're on the fence, get off and make the purchase, you wont regret it!
Good jack, fit's under my 06 street and my 11 ultar. No blocks, wood, nothing! Good safe jack. Nice people too.
I live in Jacksonville NC, I ordered my motorcycle jack after seeing it advertized on you tube, on Monday the 2nd of January 2012, I was told the jack would be here on Thursday, it was here waiting for me after I got home from work. I had to see if I could put it together with out any instructions. This Jack is awesome it’s well constructed, I would put this jack in the category of built for commercial use, It was easy to put together, and it dose just as advertizes. The jack is well worth the asking price and more. I highly recommend that you talk to the owners about your military discount its well worth your time. If any one is looking for a way of getting their bike out of way, so you can work on some other project, using the places in your garage that were once, unusable for bike storage, you really need to use this jack, Thanks Steve you have a grate product. If all made in America product were made this good we should have no problem getting back on track.
Well done! Cheryl, tell the guys in the shop they are right on track!

What a beautiful piece of equipment! Shipped promptly in a nuclear bomb (UPS/FEDEX) proof container and packing. Prompt and professional emails from real people with tracking numbers.

Set up is a breeze and this thing is really stable. I'm talking no worries, no wobble stable with an Ultra Classic parked on it.

Buy a cheap Chinese jack for $200 or a real one for $400. Break it down over 10 years and that means the jack made by the Commies cost you $1.66 a month. The USA made J&S cost you $3.33 a month. For a buck sixty six a month I'll trust my $20,000 Harley and my life to a J&S jack!

It don't cost that much to go first class and buy American!!!

Reguladores LE*MC
National Chapter
Never looked at any other jack came across your web site and said that was what I needed to lift my FLHX. Christmas gift for me wife said it came in no time set up was a snap.I put bike on the jack just because I can. very good jack not afraid of bike falling off I have sat on the seat while it was on the jack now tire change and service is a snap YOU CAN TELL ITS MADE IN THE U.S.A . THANK YOU
Thanks for the Big wheel Motorcycle lift, it is simply BRILLIANT !! How do you make such quality for the price, this lift works as simply as advertised on your web site. Shipping was on time and and quality packed.
I will be relocating back to Australia soon and I know there will be many conversations regarding the quality and ease of use for this lift.

Thanks Guys, it is Brilliant !!!
Thanks J&S for a tremendous product that works just as described. The video sold me on the Big Wheel Jack.
I ordered it on a Sunday Night and it was at my door by Wednesday... 3 days!
Easy to put together..took 10 mins.
Lifted my 2011 CVO Road Glide with ease.
Excellent product, made in USA, the best part.
Thank you again for an awesome product.
Will definitrly recommend it to my friends.

I wanted to add that with other jacks I had tried in the past, this one (The Big Wheel Lift) worked the best for my lowered CVO Road Glide. Fit under the bike perfectly clearing the frame with ease.
The T handle is great, able to move jack around without one iota of difficulty.
Thanks again for a bangin' American made product.
Quality and made in the USA are my main requirements for making a purchase. This product meets these requirements. You can tell that it made well and will provides many years of service. I have used it several times to clean my Softail Deluxe, the ease of cleaning my wire wheels and whitewalls have alone justifed the cost. When elevated the bike is stable and easy to work on. Thanks!
have been waiting forever to get a motorcycle lift,after watching j&s video,and other competitors,i decided on the j&s,due to it,s stability.I have an 08 electra glide std.lowered 1 in. jack fits under perfectly and lifts it off side stand ,and lowers it without any fears of it falling,great stability, also got drain pan,take the oil plug out,and let it go, oil don't splash all over,just goes into drain pan.thank you,j&s what great products.anyone out there thinking about buying a motorcycle lift should seriously consider one of these. BUY AMERICAN.THANKS,ED
Hello Everybody at J&S,
Back in March I purchased a jack from you. When I first got it I had a minor problem that you took care of without a hassle. Your customer service is second to none.
I just wanted to let you know what a great product this jack is. Now that I have had some time to use it I don’t think I could get along without it. It is great for working on the bike a
And for cleaning the bike,also the oil drain pan works well. Keep up the good work you build a great product.
Undoubtedly the best lift I've owned. Why I bought those other jacks I'll never know. The old saying you get what you pay sure applies to your jack. Shipping is fast, and well packed. Thanks for thinking to the veterans also. A great USA made product.
Your jack is the unsung hero of my garage. I purchased it back in March for my Street Glide and it works just as advertised. It makes maintenance, cleaning, detailing, and inspecting my bike a breeze. Definitely one of the better investments I've made. Thanks for making an excellent product.
Thanks! Lift works as advertised. Why I waited so long is beyond me. My 2001 FXDWG is off the floor and this lift is great for moving the bike around the garage. The cleaning is a breeze in the full up position. Best of all, it's made in the USA. Great company and people!!
I recently received your js jack, from my son as a gift. How impressive-well constructed and as I started lifting my cherished springer softail in the air I was delighted on how easily it operated and how sturdy the bike was fully elevated.
Good work and thanks.
Steven Wilensky.
Great American small business success story. Two brothers with an idea create a fantastic product and back it up with outstanding customer service. Ordered jack on Tuesday afternoon and received it Thursday morning. Thanks to Cheryl for great customer service. Two more words--BUY ONE!!

Thanks to everyone at J&S
Just wanted to say... Awesome job on an awesome jack.. I haven't actually used the jack for working on my bike, but I showed one of my buds this Jack and I've shown it 9 times in 1 day.. Everyone thinks it's awesome. It works just the way you say it will. It's strong and sturdy.. The little bit of assembly is a cinch
WOW .....!! Ordered it on Wednesday night with the Oil Pan and T Handle. Received it at 4:00 pm Friday (about 2 days) Just in time to clean my bike for the weekend . I Want to say THANK YOU !!! This is one GREAT JACK !! That is made in the Good old USA.
Setup was a breeze took about 15 min’s to put together. Bike in the AIR at 20 min’s ,,,And NO DAMN STRAPS !! ,,,,,or looking for someone for a helping hand. ( there are places on the jack to hook up some straps if you think you need them )
Tried one of those Cheap ones from over there someplace ,,It Never made it out of the box, It looked and felt so cheap. Returned it ...And then went Looking for something BETTER AND THIS IS IT !!!
Now I don’t need a HAND FULL of ASPIRINS,,, Every time I work on my bike . Moving,Cleaning and working on the Bike is now a breeze ,,,,,,AND SAFE !!
Thanks again for making a great product !!


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