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The world's best motorcycle lifts and motorcycle jacks are available right here at J&S Jacks. Our lifts are American-Made, and are compatible with all Harley Davidson models, plus many more. See if the J&S Motorcycle Jack works with your bike.
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Loaded Motorcycle Lift + Motorcycle Dolly
Biker's ultimate combo - Motorcycle lift + motorcycle dolly + oil pan adapter...
Loaded Motorcycle Lift Combo
Motorcycle Lift + Oil Pan Adapter + T-Bar Handle
Motorcycle Lift & Dolly Combo
Save when you purchase the J&S Motorcycle Lift & Dolly together.
Motorcycle Lift
A motorcycle lift you can trust under your bike. No tie downs, no straps,...
Motorcycle Air Lift (includes T-Bar Handle)
High performance motorcycle lift with air compressor compatibility.
Motorcycle Dolly
Move and store your motorcycle while freeing up your motorcycle lift.
Loaded Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Easy upright wheel chock for your motorcycle. Loaded motorcycle wheel chock...
Motorcycle Wheel Chock Only
Easy upright wheel chock for your motorcycle. Does not include wheel adapter...
Trike Lift
Jack up your trike up to 18 inches with the J&S Jacks trike lift.
Trike Air Lift
Pneumatic trike lift jacks up your trike up to 18 inches.
6-Ton Bottle Jack
Replacement 6-ton bottle jack for standard motorcycle, trike, and snowmobile...
Oil Pan Adapter
Oil Pan Adapter for the J&S Jacks Motorcycle and Trike Lifts.


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