Motorcycle Air Lift (includes T-Bar Handle)

Motorcycle Air Lift (includes T-Bar Handle)
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Price: $549.95



*For shipping outside the United States, please call us at 866-884-5586

Same high performance as the original J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift made even easier with air compressor compatibility. Includes T-Bar Handle!


Take the labor out of hoisting your motorcycle and transfer it to the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air. Attach the lift to an air compressor and at the touch of a button, the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air raises your motorcycle with ease. The J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air easily lifts and maneuvers up to 2000 lbs. to a height of 18.5 inches. Now the hassle of moving your motorcycle from one end of the garage to the other isn't so daunting.


At 18.5” off the ground, cut the maintenance time of your motorcycle in half. Easily change a tire, the oil, or polish your bike while it sits rock solid on the factory tested J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air.

With the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air, storing your motorcycle is a breeze. Store your motorcycle on the J&S Motorcycle Lift Air during the off-season and save up to two feet of garage space.


The J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air is compatible with all Harley-Davidson motorcycles and works with any motorcycle that can rest on the lift tables of the jack without obstruction. For a complete compatibility list, please click here.


We warranty our products against defects in workmanship on every piece and part for the lifetime of the product. The bottle jack is under warranty for two years after purchase. If you would like a replacement, you may purchase one directly from us, call 1-866-884-5586.

Improper use of the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air voids this warranty. J&S Jacks is not responsible for damages incurred if the instructions for use are not followed.

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Product Reviews

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Randy A.
I recently purchased the J & S Air Motorcycle Lift for my 1989 GoldWing GL1500. I received my lift in a very timely manner, in great condition, and with all accessories. I am impressed with the sturdy feel when my GoldWing is fully raised. The lift does everything as advertised. I am VERY pleased I found J & S Motorcycle Jacks!
Norma C.
I have one of these jacks and LOVE it. It's easy to use. I don't need help. I live on a hill so difficult to back my bike out of garage. Jack it up two minutes later I'm riding. Oh and it makes it soooo easy to clean while on the jack. My friend has the pit bull but prefers mine. I can't explain how easy it makes it for me to manoeuvre my Harley. The picture doesn't show how high it goes. I've had other jacks, one where my bike fell over. Luv this one
Greg A.
I bought my J&S Jack for my 2008 Suzuki C109r; then sold it for a 2015 F6B, and it is a fantastic jack lifting a big investment and a heavy bike! I would recommend this jack over any and I did my research! I needed one additional arm for my new bike, fit perfect and works flawlessly. The higher it goes the more daring it appears but it's actually more stable at a higher height!
Nate P.
I researched quite a few lifts on the market and most of them I wouldn't trust putting my bike on. The reviews mostly pointed toward J&S with Pit Bull not far behind. I ended up buying the J&S Lift and wasn't disappointed at all. The engineering, quality, and safety made it worth the $400 price tag. It came in just days from order and was assembled in minutes. I'm very happy with J&S.
Jim S.
I love my J & S Jack because I don't have a very big space and I can move it all over with no effort at all
Freddie S.
We bought the jack a while back and love it. Had an issue with the bottle jack part ( that J & S doesnt make) and I contacted them and with a few pms back and forth we troubleshot the problem and they have now taken care of it quick fast and in a hurry. I would buy from them again in a second. And I highly recommend the jacks they are great. Picks the bikes up to about 200 feet off the ground, not really but to a perfect height for detailing and maintainance. If you dont have one you should get one ,the best 400 bucks we ever spent on bike care. And back care ,ya dont have to bend all over and get dizzy and fall down in front of ya bros cause ya done had too many pop tops that day lol so dont walk RUN and get the J & S bike jack you wont be sorry.
Matt S.
Love my J&S Jack. Stable. Solid platform. Rolls like a cadillac across the floor. Smooth hydraulics. Was nervous at first letting it down without touching the bike. One use and that worry was gone. The bike settles on the side stand like a perfect aircraft landing. Smooth. Best jack ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John H.
I have a Harley Ultra Limited and a Honda Goldwing. I have been using my J&S Jack for the last year. Before that I worked on my bike the hard way, on the center stand or a home made jack stand for the Harley. What a fool I was. This jack is incredible. Rock steady very simple to use. My bikes have never looked better. Don't forget to order the T-Bar handle at the same time. I highly recommend it
Ernst V.
I have a Harley Ultra Limited and a Honda Goldwing. I have been using my J&S Jack for the last year. Before that I worked on my bike the hard way, on the center stand or a home made jack stand for the Harley. What a fool I was. This jack is incredible. Rock steady very simple to use. My bikes have never looked better. Don't forget to order the T-Bar handle at the same time. I highly recommend it
Paul M.
I've had my J&S jack for approximately 3-4 years now. The first time I used it on my Road King, I couldn't believe that everyone wasn't scooping these jacks up. Liked it so much, I bought one for my brother on his birthday. I know ride an Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the functionality of this jack allows me to seriously clean my bike. In addition to ease of cleaning, it allows me to store my bike and move it mourned when necessary - without having to take it off the jack.

Another plus about J&S jacks is the fact it only requires one person to life and lower the bike. No tie-downs needed, as the bike sits securely on the jack. I know you can find less expensive jacks, but this one is well worth the price. It is sturdy, reliable and does the job for my bike. I highly recommend this jack to any HD owner.
Scott M.
Why would I put my $30k+ Harley Ultra Limited on anything less than the best? I'm jacked about my J&S jack because it is solid and it makes cleaning and storage easy. I don't worry about my bike on the J&S jack.
Review 11/12/2015 by John
I used to use a Brand-X Jack for my Harley-Davidson touring bike, then it failed on me and left my bike on its side in my garage! I bought a J&S jack and let me tell you, the difference is night & day! J&S has made a jack that is so easy to move my bike around on, proving that USA manufacturing is superior to anything. There are zirc fittings on the wheels for grease, the weld joints are like artwork and the finish is beauty and function married together. I love my J&S jack and tell that to all my fellow HOG members!
Review 11/12/2015 by Garth
My '89 Touring Electraglide spends more time on the jack than off. Putting the bike on the jack allows me to move it out of the way when not riding and I really like that. But that's not what I like most about the J&S Motorcycle Jack. What I like most is also the reason I purchased this particular jack in the first place. And that reason is the confidence I have with my bike being safe any time it's on the jack. I don't worry at all about the jack failing or the bike falling off. 100% confidence.
Review 11/12/2015 by Greg
I love my J&S Jack. I bought it with the attachment for my Indian Motorcycle. The Jack is rock solid and easy to move around in my Garage. I have been though a few jacks started with a Harbor Freight, Move to a Sears Pro then to a PitBull and now to J&S. It is now my go to jack for my Indian and 2 Harley's. Nice product Guys!!
Review 11/12/2015 by Kim
My hubby's friends were all excited about their discount motorcycle jacks. I checked them out online. There were a few mc jack comparisons on YouTube. Watched them carefully. Both kinds of mc jacks were shown. I said there is NO way BtrKup, what I named his Harley, was going on a flimsy jack. Ordered the one from j&s. It's EXACTLY like they say it is. I don't have to worry about BtrKup. I don't have to worry about hubby. BTW, when I bought his tag, it says BtrKup on it. Takes a real man to ride BtrKup and it takes a REAL mc jack to lift her!
Review 11/12/2015 by Steve
As a veterean and a rider for over 40 years I have been working on these old harleys for a lond tim.and trithfully this jack has been the greatest thing since flushing toilets, really save my back and time. Love thanks guys


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