I have a 2016 Indian Scout, purchased lift and the Indian Motorcycle Adapter. The adapter is not needed with the Scout, I was told after the fact. J&S refunded my money right away, sent me a return label and now everything is square. My the way, the jack does everything it claims to do. No regrets. It makes working/cleaning of the ride so much easier.
Ron Taylor
I recieved my lift put it together and tried it.but the bottle jack didnt work. I called the company and had a new one in two days.works fantastic. I would recommend J&S jacks to everyone that has a heavy ultra classic.
Received my jack on 9-27-16. Wow what a sturdy piece of equipement. Took about ten minutes to put it together and lifted my bike right away. I have been needing to do some carb work and get under the tank and this jack has made my life very easy. Bike is super stable even when I am working parts back and forth trying to get them off. I would recommend to anyone that wants something built in the USA and that will outlast them.
I received this jack on 9-12-16 and it does everything the online demo shows. Great product, quality & material. I'm glad it's made in the USA.

Thank You J&S, I will tell all my biker friends about J&S.

Nick, Self
I've had my jack for less than a year. I don't do serious wrenching with it. Mostly use it to jack up the bike while I wash it, keep it elevated during winter months when it's too cold or snowy to ride, and light maintenance. A couple of days ago the bottle jack started leaking fluid all over the place. Luckily, I was able to get the bike down off the jack. I was pretty bummed considering what I paid for the jack. However, one call to J&S fixed all of that. They sent out a new bottle jack and it got to me in 2 days. The new jack uses a different foot peddle, which they forgot to send, so when I called them again, it was no problem. They will send it right out. I think the new bottle jack must be a better manufacturer or design than the one I had. I think they realized that and changed manufacturers. Bottom line is they have great customer service and the product does work as advertised. Good company and good product. Thanks J&S
Martin Royal

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