About J&S Jacks

About J&S Jacks

Driven by their passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, J&S Jacks was founded in 1995 by brothers, Jim and Steve Roovers. At the time, no motorcycle lift existed that safely and securely allowed for rigorous maintenance tasks or long term storage. With over 30 years of experience in motorcycle riding and maintenance, Jim and Steve knew exactly what they wanted in a motorcycle lift: convenience, compatibility, and safe performance without the need for tie-downs or straps.

From the time the first generation Big Wheel Lift was built (a 150 lb monster), the J&S Jacks motorcycle lift has evolved into the solid, sleek, piece of American-made craftsmanship it is today.

J&S Jacks Vision

Though we began with motorcycle lifts, we’ve expanded our product line to lifts for snowmobiles, lawn tractors, and even trikes. We won’t stop there. As recreational vehicles evolve and needs arise, we’ll be there to support your hobbies and pastimes with safe, innovative products to fit your needs.

Trust nothing less than a J&S Jacks lift. Get under it.


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